Nov 20th, 2016

I performed my very first solo show, The Britney Network, written and performed by me and directed by Chrissy Shackelford at The PIT's 4th Annual SOLOCOM Festival, paired with Sarah Nedwek's The Immaculate Deception

October 2016

I was cast in a second episode of A Crime to Remember directed by Bruce Hall, casting by Susan Shopmaker Casting.

Season 4 premieres Dec. 6, 2016, and my episode will air Jan 31st, 2017 at 9pm on the Investigation Discovery Channel!

Buy your festival tickets here!

Buy your festival tickets here!

UPCOMING: November 2016

I will be performing my very first one woman show on November 20th at 9pm at the Pit Loft as part of the PIT's 4th Annual SOLOCOM Festival 2016! The show will be directed by the incomparable Chrissy Shackelford, with title & images coming soon!

Sept 15th, 2016

I've been working on a bunch of new characters this summer, and I condensed a few of them and put them in my Character Reel 2016! Check it out if you feel so inclined!

Sept 1st, 2016

I was so excited to be a featured dancer in James III (Black Men Can't Jump, UCB)'s Bill Cosby's Sorry (Parody) directed by Ted Passon

Photograph: Samuel Pecoraro

July 2016

We always open Late Night with Lani with a monologue written by headwriter, Jessica Charles, and myself, and here are 3 of the monologues we've been the most proud of from this year!

March 16th 2016

Late Night w/ Lani was featured at the top of Time Out New York's Best Events in Comedy! 

November 20, 2015

I was featured in the Anger Girls Comedy parody sketch video, Hunger Games Tampons playing the Elizabeth Banks character, Effie! Very excited to work with Anger Girls Comedy, head by comedy rockstar Rachel Sweeney-- you can subscribe to their YouTube channel for their latest videos here!


September 24, 2015

Late Night with Lani launched is very own video series to accompany our bi-weekly show at The Pit Loft! Our first video, Late Night w/ Lani at the Minnesota State Fair features an exclusive interview with Princess Kay of the Milky way, and reconnects host Lani back to her hometown roots.

You can find more videos on our YouTube playlist, and if you like, you can subscribe to see all of our latest videos!

Hosting the 3rd Late Night w/ Lani show on 8/18 at the Pit Loft.

Hosting the 3rd Late Night w/ Lani show on 8/18 at the Pit Loft.

August 18, 2015

Late Night w/ Lani is growing! We performed for a FULL house (some people in standing room only!) on Tuesday, August 18th at the Pit Loft with amazing special guests including characters by my former Character 101 teacher, Natasha Vaynblat, and improv by my coaches Mike Kelton, Caroline Martin, and their fellow Harold night improv friends Raymond Cordova, Caroline Cotter, James III, Morgan Miller, and Keaton Patti. We were also joined by our good friends and new improv team Hamford, and rounding out the night was my team and Late Night w/ Lani house team, Cosmos and the Cosmos. It was just a spectacular night, and I can't wait until our next one.

Late Night with Lani, starts August 25th with a special preview performance on July 21st at 11:15pm!

Late Night with Lani, starts August 25th with a special preview performance on July 21st at 11:15pm!



August 2015

My improv show, Late Night with Lani has moved venues, and our home for August will be at The Treehouse Theater at 154 West 29th Street! Our first two preview performances at our new location will be Tuesday, August 11th and Tuesday, August 18th at 11pm. Tickets are only $5, and cheap drinks are available at the bar! Celebrate with us afterwards at Pioneer's Bar for $3 off your first round!!

Click here for our official event page on the Treehouse website, and  click here to purchase advanced tickets, and "like" us for updates and our performance lineup!

July 21st, 2015

July 21st I had my very first performance of my very own improv show, Late Night with Lani! Hosted by my fellow improv friends and I, the show featured indie improv teams at Broadway Comedy Club's Red Room. This show was made possible by Ian Herrin, who hosts his own show, The Ian Herrin Improv Hour.

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June 22nd-23rd, 2015

I booked the Columbia MFA dark comedy short film, The Cradle Robber, written by Jamil Munoz and directed by Lia Nies.

June 2015

Throughout June, I've took classes with casting directors Marci Phillips of ABC, Clint Alexander of FOX, and Jodi Collins of JLC Entertainment at One on One!

June 20th, 2015

My Character 101 class showcase is June 20th at 2:45pm at UCB Chelsea!  

Directed by Natasha Vaynblat and hosted by Langan Kingsley. Check out our Facebook event for more details.

June 18th, 2015

I was officially approved for the Advanced Studies Improv Program at The Upright Citizens Brigade!

May 29th, 2015

The improv group I've been working with for the past 2 months had our very first improv show at The West End Lounge in the monthly comedy show Morningside Hype, hosted by Luke Mones!

My UCB Character 101 teacher, Natasha Vaynblat

My UCB Character 101 teacher, Natasha Vaynblat

April-June 2015

I started Character 101 with one of my favorite UCB performers, Natasha Vaynblat of UCB house Maude team, Nipsey and house weekend team, What I Did For Love. You can also catch her character work in her one-woman show at UCB: Natasha Vaynblat: United Federation of Teachers

My improv 401 classmates after our graduation show on March 27th at the BEAST


March 27th, 2015

My improv 401 class at UCB with teacher Brandon Scott Jones had our final show! I've officially finished the core improv curriculum at the Upright Citizens Brigade



The Columbia MFA Thesis I starred in, Goodbye Casey Trade has been making its way through the film festival circuit, being an official selection of the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival (YAY MINNESOTA!!), the Boston Underground Film Festival, and the Florida Film Festival! To keep the most up to date, "like" Goodbye Casey Trade on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

My improv 401 instructor, Brandon Scott Jones!

My improv 401 instructor, Brandon Scott Jones!

February-March, 2015

I started improv 401 at UCB with instructor Brandon Scott Jones  of UCB weekend team, Grandma's Ashes and the UCB's weekly variety show, Gentrify

December 2nd, 2014

Episode 4, "The 28th Floor," Season 2 of A Crime to Remember premieres! I play Kathy Whitman. See the full episode here.



November, 2014

I booked a principal role in my first feature film, We Only Know So Muchdirected by Donal Ward, and starring Jeanne Tripplehorn, filming in November!

A Crime to Remember, "The 28th Floor." Kathy Whitman

My Crazy Love, "Betsy and Mike." Trisha


November 4th, 2014

Episode 2, season 1, of My Crazy Love, "Betsy and Mike" premieres on the Oxygen Network! I play one of Betsy's besties, Trisha.


November 1st, 2014

I performed my 3rd show at UCBeast with my 301 improv class, hosted by our wonderful teacher, Silvija Ozols!



October 23rd-26th, 2014

My next show, Moldavia-on-Hudson, written by Marc Dombrowski & Samantha Tella, directed by Samantha Tella, presented by The New York 19th Century Society & Monsterpiece Theatre at Roy Arias Stage II! It's a super funny Halloween-themed show comprised of comedic vignettes based upon obscure short stories by classic Gothic authors. I'm super proud of the work we're doing on the show, and I'd love for everyone to come! Tickets are available here: http://moldavia.brownpapertickets.com/


Thursday, October 23 - 8:00pm
Friday, October 24 - 8:00pm
Saturday, October 25 - 2:00pm & 8:00pm
Sunday, October 26 - 2:00pm
(Runtime: approx. 90 minutes)

Moldavia-on-Hudson, written by Marc Dombrowski & Samantha Tella, directed by Samantha Tella

September-October 2014

I started improv 301 with the super talented Silvija Ozols at Upright Citizens Brigade! She's on the UCB weekend team The Stepfathers and writes for the weekend sketch team, The Stone Cold Fox, which features my past 2 improv teachers, Molly Lloyd and John Murray

My improv 301 teacher, Silvija Ozols!

Behind the scenes with my beautiful costars on My Crazy Love (L-R) Danielle Heaton, Kate Costello, and Maria DeSimone!

September 16th-17th, 2014

I wrapped an amazing shoot for the Oxygen Network playing one of Betsy's besties in the new show My Crazy Love. I also met and worked with comedian Greg Behrendt who produced the episode, as well as the beautiful and talented Danielle Heaton, Kate Costello, and Maria DeSimone. Such talented people attached to this project, and I can't wait to see the final product when it airs this fall! More info to come!

August 13th- August 22nd, 2014

We've started performances of Quiet Peninsula! I'm so proud of this project, and I can't wait to show people the product of all the hard work we've all put in to make this happen. It's truly been an amazing ride, and I hope you all can join us! Purchase tickets here


Wed 8/13 4:30pm
Sat 8/16 9:15pm
Mon 8/18 8:45pm
Thurs 8/21 2:30pm
Fri 8/22 4:30pm

Our awesome AD/Costume designer Emily Abma and sound/light designer Kurt Cruz

On set  filming Artaud's Descendants

August 9th-23rd, 2014

I'm playing Sarah in the dark comedy short film, Artaud's Descendants written and directed by fellow Fordham Alumni, Tom Escovar which starts filming this month! Been having a great time in Brooklyn shooting this film-- more info to come!

July 26th, 2014

This Saturday, July 26th at 1pm is the graduation show of my improv 201 class at UCB, hosted by our teacher, Molly Lloyd at the UCBEast! Tickets are $5 (cash only) sold at the door, and you can get a drink before (recommended) or after the show. 

My Improv 201 Graduation show at UCBEast this Saturday, July 26th at 1pm at 153 East 3rd Street.

My Improv 201 Graduation show at UCBEast this Saturday, July 26th at 1pm at 153 East 3rd Street.

A Crime to Remember, Tuesdays 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

July 21st, 2014

This week I start filming A Crime to Remember on Investigation Discovery, a show about the murders and mysteries that shaped the nation from the 50s - 60s. Can't wait-- more info to come!


July 10th, 2014

Episode 3 of Killer Friends was launched on FunnyorDie! Check it out here: Killer Friends Episode 3. Watch it, share it, vote "funny," and spread the word! I'm so proud of how it turned out, and I think it might be my favorite episode yet! Also, if you haven't yet, "like" us on Facebook for more news and updates!

Photo still from Episode 3 (L to R: Chris Stahl, Emily Fortunato, Mark Maciejewski, Lani Harms, and Tim Hackney)

Quiet Peninsula , a play by Brandon Ferraro, directed by Samantha Tella and part of FringeNYC '14.

July 9th, 2014

I started rehearsals for Quiet Peninsula (my FringeNYC debut!), written by Brandon Ferraro and directed by Samantha Tella. We've had a wonderful first week of rehearsals, and I can't wait to jump into this challenging piece. If you are able to, please contribute to their IndieGoGo campaign! Performances are in August: WED 13 @ 4:30; SAT 16 @ 9:15; MON 18 @ 8:45; THU 21 @ 2:30; FRI 22 @ 4:30. Purchase tickets here:


June 5th, 2014

I played the role of Katie in a staged reading of Wildfirea new play by Joseph Gallina on Thursday, June 5th at Shetler Studios along with fellow actors, Jeffrey Dreisbach, Carole Healey, and Kait Mushet! We had a great turn out, and some awesome feedback at the discussion after the show. I can't wait to see where this play is going to go, and couldn't be happier with what we were able to put together after just one rehearsal together.

Wildfire Staged Reading at Shetler Studios (244 West 54th Street) on Thursday, June 5th at 8pm!

My improv 201 teacher at UCB, Molly Lloyd!

May 29th, 2014

I start my Improv 201 class at Upright Citizens Brigade taught by Molly Lloyd on Friday, May 29th! Molly is on the UCB House Sketch team Stone Cold Fox (along with my previous teacher, John Murray) and the UCB House Improv team Airwolf! I feel so lucky to be taught by these crazy talented people.

May 17th, 2014

I performed in my very first improv show with my improv 101 class (hosted by our teacher, John Murray!) at UCBEast on Saturday, May 17th!

A few of my fellow Improv 101 classmates after our class show at UCBEast!

A group selfie with some of the cast of Obstructed View after our shoot was officially wrapped!

May 12th, 2014

My first full length pilot, Obstructed View (created by Jessica Carollo and written by Jessica Charles) wrapped shooting on Monday, May 12th!